Wilderness Canoe Co.

Reservations are required.

‚ÄčTubing can be fun, easy and relaxing.

‚ÄčRiver Tubing

Minimum age for all tube trips is 6 years old.

Great group activity!

Our tube trip is long, at 4.5 miles and 4-5 hours, it is for those ready to be one with the river and able to face what ever mother nature has in store. 

Get started.

Tubes, gear and you are loaded and transported about 4.5 miles upstream on the James River. Once dropped off, you will gently float along with the pace of the river occasionally encountering class I rapids. There are two class II rapids on this trip that are always fun. 

The river will eventually bring you downriver to WCC where your car is parked and/or where you are camping.

The higher the river, the faster the trip. When the river gets to its lowest point of the summer (2.0 ft.), trips can take 5 hours. We stop allowing tubes on the river when the river gauge in Buchanan is over 3.5 feet.

We have XL, large and small tubes to fit almost everyone. The large tubes come with or with out a bottom, the small tubes have bottoms and all of our tubes have backrests.

Be prepared!

We have cooler tubes available, so bring a cooler with snacks and drinks.

$18.99 per person

Price includes tube, PFD and shuttle.

11:00 am or 1:00 pm (arrive 30 minutes early)

$5.00 per small cooler tube

$10.00 per large cooler tube

Add 5.3% VA sales tax.

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