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James River at Buchanan

​James and Maury River

James River Temperature

Maury River at Buena Vista

James River at Buchanan

James River at Buchanan

Air temperature and water temperature should add up to 145 F. for safety.

Below 2.0 ft.    — Too low, no go.

2.0 ft.— 3.0 ft.  — Ideal, excellent fishing and fun.

3.0 ft.— 4.0 ft.  — Fast, use caution.

4.0 ft. and up    — Too high, no go. 

Below 2.0 ft.    — Low, numerous rocks, portage may be necessary.

2.0 ft.— 4.0 ft. — Great, class I and II rapids. Below 2.3 ft. gets rocky.

4.0 ft.— 6.0 ft. — Fast, fewer rocks, larger waves, use caution.

6.0 ft. and up   — Large waves, strainers, closed to commercial traffic. 

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