Family friendly and easy to paddle.

Reservations are Required.

Running Balcony Falls stretch in a Saturn 9.5

Balcony Falls in November.

Rafting on the James

Wilderness Canoe Co.

Little boat, Big fun!

The Saturn 9.5 raft is a durable, easy to paddle white water raft perfect for three people, gear and a dog. These rafts are 5 ft. wide and nearly impossible to capsize and are perfect for high adrenaline class III rapids as well as relaxing class I and II stretches of river.

Choose your adventure!

We offer the rafts on our standard Alpine to WCC section of the river as well as the more adventurous class III WCC to Snowden section. These rafts can be paddled with just two people, but three people make navigating the rapids and slow parts of the trips much easier. The rafts need to be balanced, roughly the same size people sitting side by side. There is plenty of room for coolers and other gear in the middle of the raft.

High water, no problem!

Due to the superior stability of the rafts over canoes and kayaks, they can be paddled during periods of high water with less risk of capsize than other watercraft. For the ultimate adventure choose our 7 mile WCC to Snowden (Balcony Falls) section of river with class II and III rapids. 

Mix it up!

You can take a mix of kayaks and rafts to accommodate any group size. 

Trip times are 9 am, 10 am or 12 noon. Arrive 30 minutes early.

Alpine to WCC- $35.00 per person

9.5 miles, class I and II rapids. River level should be between 2.5 ft. and 6 ft. on the Buchanan river gauge

WCC to Snowden- $40.00 per person

7 miles, class I, II and III rapids. River level should be between 2.5 ft. and 4.5 ft. on the Buchanan river gauge.

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