Paddle 14.5 miles over two days!

Arcadia is a public boat landing about 14.5 miles up river from WCC. This is the shortest trip available for an overnight outing in the National Forest. You will be required to carry all of your camping gear in your canoe or raft.

Get started.

Arrive at WCC the day of your trip with all necessary gear and supplies including dry bags (heavy duty trash bags work). Trip start times will be arranged when the reservation is made and should be between 9:00 am and 12 noon any day of the week except Saturday.

You will be dropped off at Arcadia where you will load your canoe/raft and start your 6.5 mile paddle to the National Forest.

There are about 3 miles of National Forest on the river right just down stream from the Alpine public boat landing. Hammocks are your best bet for having a good nights sleep on the rocky, brushy river bank.

The next day.

You will need to remove all trash from your campsite, properly dispose of all bio-waste and completely extinguish your campfire.

Load your camping gear back in your canoe/raft and continue about 8 miles down the river until you reach WCC where your car is parked.

Want more river to paddle?

We can take you farther up the river to Buchanan which would give you an additional 6 miles or 3 hours the first day.

And we can add WCC to Snowden which would add 7 miles and an additional day of paddling.

Highway bridge at Arcadia.

Reservations are required.

​Camp in the National Forest along the river!

Arcadia to WCC​​

Wilderness Canoe Co.

Steep hill at Arcadia.

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