Wilderness Canoe Co.

​James and Maury River

James River Temperature

Air temperature and water temperature should add up to 145 F. for safety.

Below 2.0 ft.    — Too low, no go.

2.0 ft.— 3.0 ft.  — Ideal, excellent fishing and fun.

3.0 ft.— 4.0 ft.  — Fast, use caution.

4.0 ft. and up    — Too high, no go. 

Below 2.0 ft.    — Low, numerous rocks, portage may be necessary.

2.0 ft.— 4.0 ft. — Great, class I and II rapids. Below 2.3 ft. gets rocky.

4.0 ft.— 6.0 ft. — Fast, fewer rocks, larger waves, use caution.

6.0 ft. and up   — Large waves, strainers, closed to commercial traffic. 

River Gauge

Maury River at Buena Vista

James River at Buchanan