Wilderness Canoe Co.

Peak/Off Season Calendar

January- Closed

February- Closed

March- Closed

April- Off Season

May- Off Season

June- Peak Season

July- Peak Season

August- Peak Season

September- Off Season

October- Off Season

November- Closed

December- Closed


Answers to common questions.‚Äč

Q- What type of payments do you accept?

A- We accept all major credit cards and debit cards with or without a chip, cash and mobile pay(Apple, Samsung, etc.)

Q- What happens to my deposit if I cancel?

A- If you cancel your reservation at least 7 days before the day of your event your deposit will go towards a reservation with-in the same year.

Q- What happens to my deposit if the river floods?

A- If WCC cancels your reservation due to dangerous river or weather conditions your deposit will be refunded.

Q- Can you shuttle our boat?

A- Usually we can shuttle your boats and people. We do run out of room on our trailers and vans occasionally, especially on Holiday weekends. Call ahead to make arrangements.

Q- Can we bring our own boats and camp?

A- During the peak season (Memorial Day - Labor Day) at least 50% of the group must be renting our canoes, kayaks, rafts or tubes to camp.

In the off season we welcome private boaters to bring their own boats and camp.

Q- Can we bring our own firewood?

A- Yes. But be sure to burn it all or take it with you to prevent the spread of invasive species that could harm our trees. We sell hardwood bundles for $5.00.

Q- Can we use your put in/ take out?

A- No. We no longer allow private boaters to use our private river access unless you are camping our using our shuttle service.

Q- Can we rent your boat and take it where we want on our own vehicle?

A- No. Our boats are not available for "pick up and bring back".

Q- How old do kids have to be?

A- The minimum age is 6 years old for all of our canoe, kayak, raft and tube trips except Balcony Falls, which is 14 years old.

Q- Can we bring our dog camping and canoeing?

A- Yes. Your dog deserves to "get away from it all" too!

Q- Are all of the canoe, kayak, raft and tube trips self guided?

A- Yes.

Q- What are the weight limits of the boats you rent?

A- 250 lbs. is the recommended maximum weight for paddlers on any of our boats.

When the river gets low (2 ft. -  2.3 ft.), its not a good idea to "max out" the boats due to shallow spots that can cause damage to/failure of the boats.

Q- How deep is the river?

A- The river varies in depth from 1 inch to 30 feet deep. Most of the river on our trips is knee deep to waist deep, but places over your head are common. Wear your life jacket!

Q- What months are you open?

A- We open the first week in April and close the last week in October.